Ultra the Dolphin


Ultra is a pink dolphin who serves as a companion to Flipper. She only appeared in Season 3.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a pink dolphin as stated above.


After being taken from her parents as a baby, Ultra became an adult in a laboratory. But she was taken away by a band of pirates to search the ocean floor. Since the third season, Ultra became a companion to Flipper and his friends.


  • Ultra has a little sister named "Delta".
  • though there is no confirmation in the show but Flipper and Ultra seem to have a small romantic relationship, this is suggested by how cursed flipper was Ultra betrayed him, and after Ultra tells flipper about the lab she was in he holds her fin later in that episode he holds her fin again to comfort her as she faces her fear of currents. Ultra may be based on the Lorelei flippers girlfriend in the 1964 American series.