Ray, Ottie, and Puffy

Ottie (left), Ray (upper center) and Puffy (lower center)

Ottie, Ray, and Puffy are a trio of aquatic creatures who are the companions to Flipper. They are the assistants who help Flipper when on the need.

Physical AppearancesEdit

As their names suggest, all members of the trio have their names that come from the species. Ottie is an otter. Ray is a manta ray. Puffy is a puffer fish.


Ottie is one of the only three who can get out of land. He is a semi-aquatic animal, which is why this member of the trio can get out of land. Ray is very kind and a great component to Flipper and his friends. Puffy can blow strong air for advantage. However, he underestimates the ability to help.


  • Their names are a pun on their species's names.