Orci the Orca


Orci is an orca (also known as a killer whale) that is one of the residents of Quetzo. He is a young orca that has gone enraged in his first appearance and later reformed at the end of the episode.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Orci is an orca as the pun suggests. The pun "Orci" comes from the word "orca" or the scientific name "Orcinus orca".


The ShowdownEdit

Orci is extremely cranky since his childhood, causing rampage across the city of Quetzo. But when Flipper and his friends encountered him, Flipper was able to make peace with him after a confrontation. The orca later reformed at the end of the episode, being friends with him.

The CarnivalEdit

Coming soon!


  • Orci is a pun on his species's name.

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